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Concealed Carry Courses

Illinois Concealed Carry Training
$125 ($75 for Veterans & Law Enforcement)

There is a $50 Non-Refundable Deposit to hold your place in the course, and a Minimum of 6 people to hold a given course.

Taught by our NRA Certified Instructors, This is the full 16 hour course that will be necessary for any applicants who wish to be able to carry concealed in the State of Illinois.  Whether you are an experienced shooter or have never fired a gun before, this complete course will qualify you for an Illinois concealed carry permit.


  • You must be at least 21 Years Old
  • You must have a valid Firearms Owner's Identification (FOID) Card
  • You have not been convicted or found guilty of a misdemeanor involving the threat of physical force or violence to any person within the past 5 years

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Pistol Training Courses

Basic Pistol Training - $125

The Basic Pistol course can be as short as ten hours. In it students will get the NRA's The Basics of Pistol Shooting handbook and intensive lessons in safety, gun handling, the various types of pistols, the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship, various pistol firing positions, several practical exercises on the firing range, cleaning, storage, and a summary of pistol sports and activities. 

Advanced Pistol Training - $225

This course covers a short review of marksmanship fundamentals, grip, stances, and shooting positions.  The bulk of the course covers malfunction drills, trigger control (reset), drawing from concealment, weak & strong hand shooting, shooting from barriers/obstacles, speed/tactical reloads, and shooting on the move.  This is not a learn to shoot course but an advanced class for more experienced shooters including law enforcement officers.   

Target Focused Training (Close Quarter Combat) - $375

This course will help you better focus on targets in close quarters. You may find yourself with a shooter in a grocery store, a laundromat, or even your own home.  Having skills and training to target in close quarters will help you avoid needless damage and potential injury to yourself or others.

Private Handgun Training - $325

Going above and beyond the Advanced Course, you will get private courses with Jim to reinforce and improve your pistol stance, aim, holster draw, any other request you may have.

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Youth Training Courses

Youth Gun Safety and Shooting - $75 (6+ Years Old)

This course is designed for Youth starting at age 6+.  It is designed to teach youths about gun safety, safe gun handling and the basic principles of marksmanship.  It also covers the starting points of shooting and handling both handguns and rifles.  The safest way to make a firearm safe for children is to educate them about firearms. 

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Non-Firearm Training Courses

Handcuffing Training - $199

Handcuffs are among the most often used tool by officers, yet training is severely lacking. Studies show that over 67% of resistance by subjects occurs after the first handcuff has been applied. All too often the result is injury and/or death to either the officer or subject. Additionally, the improper use of handcuffs is the focus of many civil suits.  Proper training in the use of handcuffs is vital to officers.  

OCAT Pepper Spray Training - $199

The OCAT program is designed for public safety officers who deal with conflict or potential violence. This includes corporate security, federal, state and local law enforcement organizations, contract security companies, academic or healthcare law-enforcement and security, corrections, military police, probation and parole, bail enforcement, and executive protection.   

PR-24 Baton Training - $225

The participant will learn and understand the situations that allow for the use of the PR-24/ side-handle baton, the components of PR-24/ side-handle baton use including psycho-motor skills involved in PR-24/ side-handle baton application, proper means of instruction and testing, and theoretical background in order to develop agency specific programs. Additionally the Participant will be aware of the probable medical implications associated with these techniques. 

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Defensive Training Courses

Refuse to be a Victim Training - $75

Experts agree that the single most important step toward  ensuring your personal safety is making the decision to refuse to be a  victim. That means that you must have an overall personal safety  strategy in place before you need it. 


Through a four-hour seminar called Refuse To Be A Victim, you can learn the personal safety tips  and techniques you need to avoid dangerous situations and avoid becoming a victim. 

Hundreds of federal, state, and local law enforcement  officials across the country have implemented "Refuse To Be A Victim" into their crime prevention and community policing initiatives.


Here are just a few of the topics presented in the Refuse To Be A Victim seminar:

  • Home Security
  • Personal Security
  • Automobile Security
  • Workplace Security
  • Technological Security

Personal Protection inside the Home - $150

There's no place like home, but you need to be able to feel safe there! 

This course will teach you techniques to keep your home safe, and how to be aware of your surroundings, and what kinds of suspicious things to watch out for.  This is a great course for homeowners or apartment owners, and teaches some great life lessons!

Edged Weapons Training/Knife and Counter - $325

This is about  saving lives, first and foremost.  The usage of the knife in one's own  defense or the defense of one's country needs no excuses or apologies.   In order to successfully defend yourself from an expert knife man you  must first understand them and their art.  Only by becoming familiar  with the ploys and actions of the blade can you hope to survive its  fury.  In the process of learning to use the knife you also garner the  real truths and techniques of how to deal with the knife if you ever  face one unarmed.  The blade arts of every culture, when they are taught  properly, revere life and discard the idea of killing except as a last  measure of defense.  This is why martial artists, police, and sportsmen  rave about the training they received at shorter seminars.  


We  hope to portray the blade and flexible weapon arts in a positive light.   We hope you share our vision.  Knives truly are critical root points for many great deeds.  



  • Knife safety and customs
  • Knife fighting technique and theory
  • Counter knife (using a knife to defend against another knife)
  • Empty hand defense against knife  (Strips, acquisitions, art of the returning blade)  
  • Advanced footwork (leg & foot trapping)
  • Legal considerations
  • Cutting
  • Bandanna - a knife fighter's tool 


Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB) - Ask for Price

What is MOAB?


MOAB presents principles, techniques, and skills for recognizing, reducing, and managing violent and aggressive behavior. The program also provides humane and compassionate methods of dealing with aggressive people.

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Security Officer Training Courses

PERC Class (Security Officer in IL) - $125

If you're looking to work unarmed security in the State of Illinois, you'll need your PERC card. There's no one better to be trained by than a veteran. In this course, you'll learn about the history of law enforcement and security, the law, and rights as an officer, Use of Force, awareness of your surroundings, and so much more.  The course also provides all of the information you will need to actually obtain your PERC card, and identify some resources to assist in the process.

Tan Card Class (Armed Security Officer in IL) - $225

To be licensed as an armed officer in Illinois, you'll need  to obtain your Tan Card (Firearm Control Card).  This course expands on the PERC course, but contains training and laws required to carry a firearm while working as an officer.

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