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K & P B

- West Peoria, IL

It is my pleasure to recommend Carry Concealed Consultants for teaching the Carry Concealed Class for Illinois.  We found the instructor to be very knowledgeable, very organized and very well informed.  There was not a question that was asked that he didn't have the answer to.  Jim covers everything you need to know and a lot more.  He just doesn’t throw information at you he goes over it and makes sure you understand what he is telling you.  I would definitely recommend the class to anyone that is interested in getting their carry concealed permit you will not be disappointed.  We are looking forward to taking some of his other classes as well.


I recently took the carry conceal class.  A very informative class with a lot of time spent on the laws and Jim takes the time to explain them.  Its nice to have a instructor with a military and law enforcement background and it shows.


- West Peoria, IL

We took the carry concealed class from Jim recently.  The class was great with a lot of detailed information about the new Illinois law.   Jim gives real life examples but the best part for me was he made me think about creating a plan to protect my home.  I would recommend the class and Jim as the instructor to others interested in self-protection.


I would like to say a few words about Jim's concealed carry class.   Having worked in two different police departments in the 1970's and 80's, I did not come to this class green.  And I can say that Jim’s professionalism and experience made this class a true learning opportunity.  His explanations of the current laws, and possible scenarios of situations you could find yourself in, always made you hone your understanding for the best possible solutions of the unexpected.   He is intense in his teaching.  If you want to learn from a guy who has “been there done that", this is the guy!


- Peoria, IL

Great course great class Superior instructor.  Jim covers it all and doesn’t just teach carry concealed he makes you live and breath it.  He also gives you a lot of other information that other carry concealed instructors don't, its not the only thing he knows which makes him very good and very versatile.

Paul J Dudiak

- Peoria, IL

Thanks for a great class!  You covered a vast amount of information in just 2 days.  All very relevant to the issues dealing with Carry Concealed and explanation of the law.  Your insights and stories based on your many years of experience made the class a outstanding value. I look forward to taking more classes from you in the future.